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04 May 2010 @ 04:56 pm
MODPOST - Spammers Hit Again  

Soooo sorry about the recent spammer... To help stop this I've put this community under new entries moderations - so forgive me REAL fans of this show but blame it on the spammers because FOR WHATEVER reason, they like going after my communities. I'm really sick of this happening.

I've just filed a request/question to the LJ Support system about this so hopefully they're working on fixing it so this won't happen, but who knows? I say just file a complaint to LJ I guess about these spammes - just don't take it against ME or the COMMUNITY.

Again I'm sorry about the spam but again I can't really STOP these people from joining LJ and posting them to the communities.  I hate putting my communities under moderation of new members or new entries, so trust me I'm REALLY annoyed I have to put this community and others under moderation.
expressio_uniusexpressio_unius on May 5th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
It's just part of LJ culture. They spam communities that aren't moderated and when they find a big chunk of groups that are unmoderated and easy to spam, it's a free-for-all until something changes. I think we all accept that certain communities require approval of posts before they appear. It just comes with using LJ, sadly. Personally, I prefer moderated posts to sexually explicit entries - and I'm sure most others feel the same way. So don't be bothered by having to put the communities on moderation. We're just glad to have a moderator who pays attention and cares about keeping the fun going.

Thanks for your hard work moderating the community!